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Prospective students seeking Admission to undergraduate or graduate programs at Rockfield College of Sciences will submit Application Form with Supporting Documents for Admission Evaluation Processing. Below are the list of documents required for admission evaluation





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Student Admission Processing

Below Listed Documents are Required for Admission Processing and Evaluation 

Candidate MUST Submit Completed Application Form with Supporting Documents ...


  Admission Application Form

  RCST Terms and Conditions of Admission

  2 Passport-size photos

  Curriculum Vitae (with Photo)

  Copy of National ID or Travelling Passport (the page with name + photo)

  Copies of all Academic and Professional Qualifications from prior education (in English

  Copies of Transcripts; Study Records or Statement of Results from prior education (in English)

  Reference Letters from educational and professional sources (if applicable -// for graduate programs)

  Result of English Proficiency Tests e.g. IELTS, TOEFL etc (for Non-Native English candidate)

  Receipt of Paid Admission Evaluation Fee - Euro 100.00  (attach proof of payment)


Please Note ...

We accept Documents in English Language.  If your Documents are NOT in English Language you should contacts your previous Schools, University or Training Institutions to issue the English Language Version of the Documents; or contact Translation Bureau Agency to prepare official translation of original documents into English Language, thereafter the Translator Bureau will have the Documents Certified by Authorised Notary Public in your territory (city of residence)




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Student Admission Evaluation 


Upon received of Application Form and Supported Documents from prospective students, RCST Admission Support Team will make initial Verification of the Application Documents according to Admission Requirements for the chosen degree program. Thereafter the Candidate Application Documents will be process by Specialist Admission Evaluation Team for definite decision.


Admission Evaluation Report

After receiving the candidate application documents, our Admission Evaluation Committee will conduct a Comprehensive Verification of Previous Studies attended including courses completed and qualification earned according to RCST Admission Regulations. If the Candidate Fulfil Admission Requirements for the chosen program, an Admission Evaluation Report with Admission Offer will be sent to the Candidate within 5 working days, after which the candidate should pay the require tuition fees into the dedicated bank account of RCST.


Interim Admission Offer

Interim-Admission offer can be granted to Applicants who are expecting delivery of academic record and diploma from prior institution attended. In this case, the applicant will submit an Application Form with Letter of Recognition from present or former schools attended, that certifies you as student of the institution and information about the Enrolled Study Program, Date of Admission, Subjects and Courses Completed, Program Duration, and Expected Date of Graduation.


Enrolment Confirmation

RCST will issue Official Enrolment Confirmation to students that are matriculated and enrolled onto a study program of RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology.  Prospective students that fulfilled Admission and Enrolment Requirements, and having Paid the Required Tuition Fees will received the official Enrolment Confirmation, that will certified enrolment as student of RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology, Switzerland








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