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RCST offers Flexible Payments Plans for distance learning students. The Total Tuition Fees for a selected study program can be paid at once or per Instalments. Tuition Fees for Distance Learning Programs include related teaching materials.  All Fees Payments should be send directly to RCST bank account in Switzerland - (see tuition fees for bank details)




Flexible Payment Options

  Option 1:

One-Time full payment of total tuition fees

  Option 2: 

Two equal instalments payment of total tuition fees

 Option 3: 

Three equal instalments payment of total tuition fees

  Option 4: 

Four instalments payment of total tuition fees PLUS 5% administrative charge

  Option 5: 

Five instalments payment of total tuition fees PLUS 6% administrative charge

  Option 6: 

Six instalments payment of total tuition fees PLUS 8% administrative charge





  Total Tuition Fees is calculated as: Fees Per Course  X  Nos of Courses Required  for the Study Program


 RCST offers 3% Discount on ONE-TIME Full Payment of Total Tuition Fees...





Terms of Payment of Fees


  Distance Learning Fees are payable in Euro () currency  

 Tuition Fees Payment is due at least 14-days before the Proposed Starting Date

  Payments should be send to Bank Account of RCST in Switzerland (see account details)

 Enrolment Documents will be process AFTER the received of paid tuition fees

 Course Learning Materials will be process AFTER received of Paid Tuition Fees

 Next instalment is within 3-months intervals after first payment (subject to consideration

  Late Payment of Fees will incur Administrative Charges

 Extension of Program Duration can be allow (at cost to student)

 RCST reserves the right to make change to Tuition Fees any time without notice to student




Payment Information



Fees Payment Receipts 

Students / Candidates / Sponsors are advice to keep Copies of all bank transations receipts of paid tuition fees  - you may need these documents in future for official purposes including Tax and Financial Matters. Whenever Tuition Fees is paid, the student should Send Copy of Payment Receipt to RCST Switzerland for Verififcation and Documentation. 


Bank Transfers Charges 

Students shall be responsible for all banking charges when making payments. Inform your bank to send the Required Tuition Fees into RCST bank account in Switzerland, and that you (as sender) will be responsible for all banks transactions charges. RCST will only process the requested academic services provided the Correct and Full Tuition Fees are paid into our bank account.


Non-Tuition Fees (Additional Academic Services)

Student that voluntarily request additional academic services outside of the BASIC Academic Requirements will have to pay specific Administrative Charges accordingly (see Non-Tuition Fees)


 Disclaimer Notice

RCST reserves the right to make changes to the tuition fees without prior notice to students. Any Revised Changes to the Tuition Fees will directly reflect on All Future Payments






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