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Academic Tuition Fees shown below are the current Study Fees for Distance Learning Programs, the Fees include cost for attendance and related learning materials. All Payment of Fees should be send directly to RCST Bank Account in Switzerland (see account details below)


 Tuition Fees Per Course - EURO ()

 STUDY Programs

Fees Per Course

NO Textbook

Fees Per Course

Wth Textbook

 Higher Diploma

EUR 310.00

EUR 410.00

 Bachelor - BBA / BS / BA 

EUR 310.00

EUR 410.00

 Master - MBA / MS / GDip

EUR 450.00

EUR 560.00

 Doctoral - DBA / EdD

EUR 590.00




Estimated Total Cost for Distance Learning Programs

Table below shows typical Total Costs for student attending Distance Learning Programs at RCST, the actual total cost may likely vary depending on the Number of Courses Required and Number of Prior Credits you Transfered into your study program at RCST.  The table below will help you to Estimate the Total Cost for a program ...


 STUDY Programs

MIN. Number 

of CourseS

tuition Fees

Per Course

TOTAL Cost -

NO textbookS

TOTAL Cost -

with textbookS

 Higher Diploma


EUR 310.00

EUR 4'340.00

EUR 5'740.00

 Accelerated BBA


EUR 310.00

EUR 3'100.00

EUR 4'100.00

 Bachelor - BBA / BS.


EUR 310.00

EUR 4'650.00

EUR 6'150.00

 Graduate Certificate


EUR 450.00

EUR 2'700.00

EUR 3'300.00

 Graduate Diploma


EUR 450.00

EUR 4'050.00

EUR 4'950.00

 Master - MBA / MS.


EUR 450.00

EUR 5'850.00

EUR 7'150.00

 Doctorate - DBA


EUR 610.00

EUR 8'260.00


 Doctorate - EdD


EUR 560.00

EUR 7'670.00



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*The 15 Courses for Bachelor Program is based on Assumption that the Candidate MUST have attended and completed university-level Undergraduate Study Programs and Courses and possessed Undergraduate Higher Diploma, Associate Degree or equivalent qualifications from recognised University, College or Training Institutions


Please Note the following:

Admission Evaluation / Processing Fee: EURO 100.00

Total Program Cost is calculated as (Fees Per Course Total Nos of Courses)

Tuition Fees can be paid in full or in Installments according to Payment Plans Options

Reduce Program Cost is possible for student with considerable Transfer Credits

Approved Textbooks will be provided to student that choose "Program Fees With Textbooks"


Methods of Payment of Fees to RCST

Bank Wire-Transfer:  Send payments by Bank Wire-Transfer to RCST Bank Account in Switzerland. Contact your Bank to process and send the Required Amount into bank account of RCST (see below)


International Money Transfer:  Send payments by International Money Transfer Services (IMTS) to RCST Bank Account in Switzerland. You can contact IMTS e.g. WesternUnion, AZIMO, TransferWise, MoneyGram, WorldRemit etc. - give details of RCST bank account to the Agent to send the Required Amount into bank account of RCST in Switzerland (see below)



RCST Bank Account Details - EURO () Payment

Beneficiary Name:

RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology

Beneficiary Address:

Schaffhauserstrasse 550.  CH-8052 Zurich. Switzerland

IBAN Account Nr:

CH68 0483 5253 3857 9200 0.

Bank Full Name:

CREDIT SUISSE Switzerland Ltd.

Bank Address:  

P.O. BOX 100.  CH-8070 Zurich. Switzerland

Bank SWIFT Code:  


Payment Reasons:

Write Full Name, Registration Number (if known) and Study Program



Bank Transfers Charges 

Students shall be responsible for all banking charges when making payments. Inform your bank to send the Required Tuition Fees into RCST bank account in Switzerland, and that you (as sender) will be responsible for all banks transactions charges. RCST will ONLY process the requested academic services provided the Correct and Full Tuition Fees are paid into our bank account.






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