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Welcome to the School of Aviation Studies at Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology Switzerland. Time has come for you to live your dream. Lift off your career in Air Transportation - Aviation Business Management.


Whether you are a “new-born” with no knowledge in aviation management or are currently working as a flight dispatcher for an airline, customer service agent for an airport, load master for ground handling company, air traffic controller for air traffic services, aviation safety inspector for a civil aviation authority, or air operations officer for the United Nations Missions Air Services, the School of Aviation Studies at Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology is here for you. 


You may have completed a Flight Training School to acquire technical knowledge, you can move ahead onto our degree programs in Aviation Management to acquire necessary management knowledge and skills for leadership positions. The Department of Aviation at Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology offers diverse Undergraduate and Graduate degrees programs in areas of Aviation Business Administration with specific focus on Air Traffic Management, Airport Operations Management, Airlines Operations Management which are designed to meet tomorrow aviation leaders’ requirements



Look back at what you have achieved with aviation careers, you can lift up today onto our Master degree program to aim for senior positions. The structure and content of our graduate degrees in aviation offers interesting and necessary courses (e.g. Finance, Economics, Strategic Management, Marketing, Law, Operations, Project Management ) to equip you for your next leadership position such as Head Office Manager or Director in air transportation organizations.  The Aviation Industry is constantly and rapidly evolving, therefore the more knowledge you get the better it is for your next career move.  By the time you graduate, you would have developed technical skills in areas such as aviation safety, security, and operations.


Today is Tomorrow; Flying London – Sydney in 4 hours. The development of New Spaceports all around the world has started. You want to be part of it, enrol at School of Aviation Studies at Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology Switzerland.  We provide flexible learning styles --- Online and Distance Learning, you never missed home and family and other important schedules at workplace.  Grasp the future today...  Welcome on Board.


With best regards,

Professor Nadine Alavès

Director, Department of Aviation Studies







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