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Bachelor of Aviation Management degree program is designed to provides aviation professionals with broad educational knowledge of the aviation industry. The program is a managerial-based capstone study for aviation professionals and those interested in careers in aviation industry e.g. maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, engineers, airport managers, avionics specialists and others aviation related fields.


Aviation Management program consist of aviation and business curricula that enable student to explores in-depth understanding and knowledge of aviation history at various level, and related courses such as aviation law, air traffic control, airport management, air transportation system and safety; including conventional business courses e.g. human resources, organizational behaviour and communication. Careers in Business aviation management offer great excitement e.g. the opportunity for regular travel, explore multicultural diversity, and learning new skills.



Career Prospects

Bachelor of Aviation Management (BAM) degree will prepare graduates for exciting and challenging careers in Aviation and Travel Industry such as:


Airport Terminal Officer

 Airlines Dispatch Manager

Aviation Services Officer

 Airport Safety Administrator

Airline and Airport Field Controller

 Commercial Airlines Manager

Airport Operations Leadership 

 Ground Operations Controller



Bachelor Degree Requirements

Bachelor degree program requires successful completion of minimum 180 ECTS-Credits (European Credits Transfer System).  The total cumulative credits will include Recommended Core Courses, Elective Courses, Bachelor Thesis/Project and Applicable Transferred Credits.  Student performance will be measure against acceptable overall academic achievements.

The required 180 ECTS-Credits can be achieved through combination of Learning Groups listed below, pending total credits transferred into the program:

 General Education Courses or equivalent. 

 Business and Social Sciences Courses

 Aviation and Technical Courses. 

  Independent Bachelor Thesis / Project.



Program Structure and content

 Bachelor's program structure and content listed below is based on assumption that the candidate would have completed undergraduate studies with at least 90 ECTS-Credits, and have earned Diploma, Certificates, Associate Degree or equivalents qualifications from recognised university and training institutions. Candidate that possessed higher qualifications above 90 ECTS-Credits will be granted further transferable credits, similarly, candidates with less transfer credits will be assigned additional courses



  Require Courses - Bachelor of Aviation Management

BAV 300

Fundamentals of Aviation

BAV 325

Aviation Law

BAV 340

Aviation Security

BAV 410

Airport Operations

BAV 415

Airlines Marketing

BAV 445

Economics in Aviation

BAV 450

Aviation Safety

BAV 470

Airline Finance

BAV 480

Human Factors in Aviation

BAV 499

Bachelor Project


  Elective Courses - Business Curricular

BBA 260

Principles of Management

BBA 280

Principles of Economics

BBA 320

Leadership Theory

BBA 310

Business Environment

BBA 330

Principles of Marketing

BBA 335

Corporate Finance

BBA 340

Managing Human Resources

BBA 345

Managing Information Systems

BBA 350

Principles of Accounting

BBA 362

Direct Marketing

BBA 430

Principles of Project Management

BBA 460

Managing Business Travel

BBA 470

Principles of Business Ethics

BBA 475

Quality Management




.  Additional Information

 Award and Title

Bachelor of Avaition Management (BAM)

 Required Credits

180 - 190 ECTS-Credits (include Bachelor Thesis)

 Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits is possible per Transfer Credits Policy

 Study Duration

16 Months - Flexible Duration (depends on transfer credits)

 Program Delivery

Distance Learning - Online Study - read about Study Methods

 Assessment Methods

Exams and Assignments per course - see Course Examination

 Program Admission

High School Education, UG-Diploma etc - see Admission Requirements

 Enrolment - Intake

Open Enrolment and Year-Round Admission

Admisison Application

 Student Application Form - Apply Now






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